Technical Details
Dimensions: width approx. 12cm, height approx. 10 cm, depth approx. 2 cm
Weight: approx. 100 g
Material: 100% calf leather outside, 100% polyester inside
Product Features
Purse closes with zipper
3 compartments for credit cards, EC cards, business cards etc.
1 page compartment for identity card, calendar, pictures etc.
1 banknote compartment
1 compartment for coin money / change
The MANDARINA DUCK logo is clearly visible

P10JDP71001 8032803774743 NERO
P10JDP7104O 8032803785411 RUMBA RED
P10JDP7117O 8032803774767 PAPYRUS
P10JDP7126R 8032803774774 MOLE
P10JDP71777 8032803774804 GLICINE