Technical Details
Dimensions: width approx. 19 cm, height approx. 10 cm, depth approx. 2 cm
Weight: approx. 205 g
Material: 100% calf leather outside, 100% polyester inside
Product Features
 purse is closed with zipper
In the main compartment 1 coin / small change compartment with zipper and 2 banknote compartments
Also in the main compartment 2 slide-in compartments and 2 side compartments
In addition, in the main compartment 12 slide-in compartments for credit cards, EC cards, business cards etc.
The MANDARINA DUCK logo is clearly visible

P10JDP61001 8032803774606 NERO
P10JDP6104O 8032803785398  RUMBA RED
P10JDP6117O 8032803774620 PAPYRUS
P10JDP6126R 8032803774637 MOLE
P10JDP61777 8032803774668 GLICINE